Motor Oil Selenia 5W-30 WR Pure Energy (5 Liters)

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Motor oil- 1 X 5 liters Selenia 5W-30 WR Pure Energy

FIAT 9.55535-S1

Article description Selenia 5W-30 WR Pure Energy:

Selenia WR Pure Energy is a fully synthetic lubricant capable of answering the needs of the most modern diesel* engines. Passing the ACEA C2 specification certifies the low ash content, which is an indispensable characteristic to protect the particulate filter from residual combustion products that could cause dangerous clogging of the filter itself.

Approvals & Specifications Selenia 5W-30 WR Pure Energy:

  • AE 5W-30
  • ACEA C2
  • FIAT 9.55535-S1 C.T.R. N° F510.D07

*Always observe the operating instructions of your vehicle with regard to the prescribed engine oil viscosity and the predetermined specifications.