Additive Liqui Moly CERATEC 3721 - 1X 300ml

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1 X 300ml Liqui Moly CERATEC

High-tech ceramic wear protection for engine and manual transmission.

Item number: 3721*

Article description Liqui Moly CERATEC:

  • Reduces friction and wear in engines and manual transmissions.
  • The special structure of the ceramic particles fills in microscopic irregularities in the metal and prevents direct metal-to-metal contact.
  • An additional chemical agent utilizes the friction energy to further smooth the metal parts and anneal ist surfaces.
  • This increases engine and transmission service life and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Long-term effect up to 50,000 km.


  • Add directly to motor or transmissionoil, preferably right after an oil change.
  • 300 ml will treat 5 liters of oil (6% of total oil quantity).
  • Continue to maintain oil change intervals as prescribed.
  • Shake well before use
  • Not suitable for use with wet clutches.

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Always observe the operating instructions of your vehicle with regard to the prescribed engine oil viscosity and the predetermined specifications.

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